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Superb Glasgow style Arts and Crafts - Nouveau Oak Seat Bench
In fabulous condition this rare Glasgow style seat has been re-upholstered in suitable stunning fabric and has all the original fittings.

A real eye-catching one-off!

The original mirrors are bevelled, the bottle green cupboard windows are bowed and all the original metalware is there along with endless design delights. Please look at all the pictures.

A classic turn of the century interiors piece.

In solid oak, the approx size is 51" wide by 20" deep by 75.5" tall.

Ref: RK
Price: £2,495
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Edwardian leather Doctor's Bag. Choice of 2.
Here are two lovely turn of the century doctor's bags.

Brass locks open and close properly(no keys). One is 17" long by 8" wide and the other is 16" long by 7" wide.

Internals need some love, otherweise excellent condition... Just need a polish!

Excellent cartridge bag, hand bag or film prop.

Price is 70 for EACH bag, thank you.
Ref: 742
Price: £70
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Rare 4 part black laquer jade decorated screen
A really gorgeous black laquered screen covered in top quality jade decoration with mother of pearl inlay and real wooden baskets and stands etc as part of the design. The reverse has delicate golden song birds etc.

Size approx: 6' tall and each section is 16" wide, so approx 65" total width.

Wonderful solid condition with hardly a mark on it.

From a private collection.
Ref: RE
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Luba Hemba wooden stool from The Congo 19th C
A wonderful piece of ethnic tribal wood carving. This Luba Hemba stool has come from the Dominican Republic of Congo and I bought it in Kenya from a professional dealer. A piece of classic African history!
Size approx: 12" wide bt 15.2" high.
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William IV Wheel Barometer by P. Introssi. C. 1830
A beautiful and good sized William IV Wheel Barometer injlaid with ebony and boxwood, with original brass, scroll pediment, hydrometer dial,thermometer, convex mirror in ebonised frame above a silvered dial, plus a spirit level sigened by "p. INTROSSI, CHATHAM".

C. 1830.

Size approx: 45" high by 12" wide.
Ref: 915
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Rare Sepik Tribal Mask African 19th C
A fabulous Sepik tribal wooden mask from the 19th century. there is the faintest of redish hues all over the front apart from the eyes which still show some white. Likely to have been use in ceremonies as the holes show plenty of wear! I bought this in Kenya from a professional dealer.
Size aprox: 21" by 8"
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Large woolen carpet rug
Here is a beautiful woven wool carpet of good size and lovely warm colours:
Approx 10' by 5'9". Very good condition and tightly woven (see picture of reverse).

Ref: G
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A Pair of Charles II Carved Oak Panels Dragons / Horses
A rare pair of Charles II English Oak carved panels depicting horses / dragons and swans / sea monsters?

Size approx: 19" wide by 7" tall by 1" deep.

Beautiful deep carving and in excellent condition on domed planks.

C. 1665
Ref: 914
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Flesh Fork Iron C. 1700
Best condition Flesh Fork I've seen!
Circa 1700 ansd approx. 35" long and 2.75" wide.
These solid iron forks were used (sometimes two or three at a time) to convey whole roasting sheep, pigs, cows etc. from the fire to the "board" or "dresser".
An exeptional example!
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Jade Axe pre-columbian, Mezo-Indian
A real one here: This is a jade axe from the pre-Columbian, Mezo-Indian period, approx 7000 B.C.
Probably from the riverine terraces of the Pedregal River in western Venezuala.
Ref: 851
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