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Our website was last updated on: 02 November 2016

LARGE Art Deco ceramic Panther or Lioness
Absolutely wonderful, large at 27" long by 5.5" wide and 12" high, this Art Deco panther or lioness (Sorry I don't know... Does anyone else? Do let me know!) is as perfect in condition as you'll ever find. The lovely crackled glaze has no crack or chip I can see. The base is clearly marked with the famous " L. + V. CERAM" and embossed number 182.
Ref: 719
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Large Naval 18th C Pink Lustre Jug Staffordshire?
An absolutely superb condition large pink Luster Jug with hand-painted Naval themes and poems.
I can not see any restoration, crack or chip on it since it was fired, in fact hardly any scratches etc. at all!
Not bad as it comes from approx 1780/1800.

The front depicts a Tall ship in full sail with the sailor on one side and his lover on the other.

One poem reads:

"Here's to the wind that blows,
And the ship that goes,
And the boy that fears no danger,
A ship in full sail,
And a fine pleasant gale,
And a girl that loves a sailor."

The other poem is:

Tell me ye knowing and discerning few,
Where may I find a friend both just and true,
Who dare stand by me when in deep distress,
And then his love and friendship do most express.

Ref: N
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Minton pot pourri Pattern 62 Amherst
An exceptional Minton Pot Pourri of good size and wonderful condition. It has BOTH lids and I can see no restoration, chips etc anywhere!
Amherst pattern no. 62.
Circa 1835
Size approx 13" hugh by 11" wide between the handles.
Ref: GC3961c
This item has been sold