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Period Oak Chest of drawers
This lovely chest is really solid and in great condition. It has the understated charm of its period.
Approx. 37" wide by 21" deep by 35" high.
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19th Century English Oak chest of drawers geometric panels
This a lovely antique chest of 5 drawers. I believe it dates from approx 1800 and has the moulded geometric panels which may well be from an earlier 18th century piece. A little professional restoration to the feet etc. has gauranteed this is now a very sturdy and beautiful item, ready for the next 100 years and for sale at a very reasonable price!

Size approx: 39" wide by 22" deep by 38" high.
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Small Georgian Flame Mahogany Chest of Drawers
A gorgeous smaller Georgian flame mahogany chest of 4 drawers.

Nice to find such a petite one in good condition!

Original key supplied which fits some of the locks.

Wonderful grain and colour, a rael eye-catcher and a useful size.

Size approx : 40.75" wide by 20" deep by 34.75 high.
Ref: 806
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19th C mahogany Chest of Drawers
Circa 1840, this lovely piece has wonderful brass handles each stamped with their original owner's initials "H. J." and has working locks and key.

Slight restoration of pieces of veneer etc. carried out, so now ready for the next 200 years!

Absolutely classic proportions:
Size approx: 42" wide by 21" deep by 42" high.
Ref: 711
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Edwardian Mahogany Chest of drawers
A really good Edwardian chest of 5 drawers with Art Deco type brass handles. A couple of marks on the top as you'd expect after all these years (see pictures) and in solid, good condition.
Ref: 566
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Stunning solid wood painted chest of drawers
A stunning chest of drawers which has had the drawer fronts polished up to reveal fantastic flame effect. I think it is flame mahogany, but it could be Maple? Either way, it has darker mahogany knobs and it's really eye-catching, finished in off-white (canary?) eggshell paint.
Excellent condition.
Size approx: 3' high by 20" deep by 38" high.
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Edwardian mahogany lower chest of drawers
A superb two over two, solid mahogany chest of drawers in very good condition, with original brass handles and of a particularly useful, lower height.
Size approx: 34.5" high by 22.5" deep by 47.5" wide.
Ref: NF
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19th C. Mahogany Bow Fronted chest of drawers
A lovely inlaid early 19th century bow fronted chest of drawers. Sixe approx: 42" wide by 21.5" deep by 41" high.

Ref: PG
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