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A Pair of Elm Wheelback Carver chairs
A lovely pair of "His and Her's" elm and beech Wheelback carver armchairs in solid, good condition.
The slightly traller one is probably C. 1890 and the other turn of the century.
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Victorian Carolian style carved chair
A beautiful Carolian style , hand carved chair in excellent condition. Circa 1890. Size approx: 34" high by 25" wide by 25" deep. A real head-turner and available at a very low price!
Ref: Q
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Elm seat Windsor chair
A really attractive stick back Windsoe. Completely solid and lovely example. 43.5" high by 23" wide by 24" deep, probably Edwardian.
Ref: RS
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Elm slat back Windsor chair
A very comfortable Edwardian elm slat back chair. Size approx 43.5" high by 24" wide by 24" deep.
Ref: SH
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Lancashire Windsor chair Arts and Crafts
A lovely example of a Lancashire Windsor chair, Arts and Crafts Faux bamboo. C. 1890, Great condition.
Ref: SL
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Large Pine Pew
A super and very well built, solid pine pew.
Turn of the century and a really good size = approx: 6'4" wide by 3' high by 17"deep.

Ref: I.K.
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Lancashire North Country windsor armchair 19th C.
Here is a gorgeous Windsor type armchair from the North Country, amost certainly Lancashire.
Hand turned spindles, C. 1890, recently re- rushed seat and in sturdy condition.
Size approx: 39" high by 20" deep by 22" wide.
Ref: SL
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Quality Beech and Elm Smoker's Bow Armchair
This strong 19th century beech and elm smoker's bow has finely turned and tapered lags etc and is very comfortable.
Size approx: 32" high by 21.5" wide by 20" deep. Seat height 17.5"

Ref: 838
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English Ash black laquered Stickback Windsor Chair
With it's crinoline stretcher, this Ash Stickback Windsor in black Laquer is very comfortable.


Size approx: 40.5" tall by 21" wide by 24" deep.

Really clean looks and unused so in superb condition.

Ref: 807+
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Charming 19th C. Ash Rocking Chair with drawer.
An absolutely eye catching little ash rocking chair with a drawer in the seat. Strong and comfortable, slight wear on the base of the rockers actually mades it sturdier.

Size approx: 21" wide by 21" deep by 36" high
Ref: IP
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