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Top Qualty Queen Anne style Bureau Bookcase desk Queen Anne style Desk Bureau Bookcase
This Queen Anne style bureau bookcase is increadibly well made. Top quality double domed, mirrored bookcase above a superb interior full of well stepped drawers, a hidden well, 6 drawers, double half-round moulding around the drawers, bracket feet. Oak carcass with burr walnut and mahogany exterior.
Size approx: Width 37", depth 21", height 80".

Ref: TA
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Regency Mahogany Secretaire Chest
This is a Rgency mahogany secretaire chest in excellent condition. The key works on all the drawers with a double lock on the top lock. Very well made with two secret drawers.
Size approx: 46"wide by 22.5" deep by 42" high.
This item has been sold